We love creating exciting solutions.

Communications are many different things, and we enjoy creating the right communication for you. We listen to your ideas and very important - we keep it simple. Some of the services we offer can be found below, and finally, contact us if you have other communication tasks.
Communication strategy

Getting the right story in the right channels can seem like a complicated task. We help you to create a communication strategy that makes sense and is easy to follow.

White papers

When the core competencies are to be described or the sales letter to be written, our journalists are ready to help you. We have more than 25 years of experience in communicating messages so everyone understands them.

Video production

If your products is to be presented in a short video, let's help you. We write the script, handle filming and show the company or product story in a short video.

Customer stories

"Show it, do not tell it". A well-written customer story is a good sales support tool and we have great experience writing exciting customer stories.

Get into the media

We help you find the stories that have the potential to get in the media. We write the story and distribute it to selected media.

Marketing and cooperation

We have a large network within marketing experts and graphic artists. We can therefore offer you to ahndle your entire marketing task from planning to execution.

Focus on our expertise.

We know what we are good at, we hold on to our competencies and refine them on a regular basis. Most importantly - we keep focus.

Respect for the message

No matter where and how history is to be told, we always focus on the message so it does not drown in effects.

The short story

Especially on social media it is important to tell the story quickly. We are experts in telling good stories shortly.


We have a large number of partners in marketing, graphic production and photo / video production. So we can always come with a strong team.

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about us.